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I need to have rice !

No problem!

Rice can be easily found in any supermarket (Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, etc) in the UK and normally sell in a smaller packet of 500g or 1 kilo. If you need a bigger packet e.g. 5kg or 10kg you can get them in China town or some Indian shops.

The price of a kilo of rice ranges from 73p to £2++.

Sainsbury’s Long Grain Rice, Basics 1kg

Sainsbury’s Long Grain Rice 1kg

Sainsbury’s Brown Rice 1kg

Sainsbury’s Basmati Rice 1kg

Note: above prices extracted on the 21 June 2010 and subject to change

What about rice cooker? Do I need to bring one from Malaysia?

Nope, I suggest you do not bring any rice cooker, slow cooker or any electrical appliances from Malaysia. You can get rice cooker in Argos for as low as £9.99 (approx MYR50). If you need to find out more, please check out Argos the largest general-goods retailer in the UK with 750 stores.

Now, can anyone find out how much a kilo of rice sell in Tesco, UK? Please drop me a message or send me a tweet. 🙂

Hints: please visit Tesco UK at

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