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How to keep warm?

Here is some advice to keep yourself warm while you are in the UK.

  • In wintertime (especially in December, January and February), pay attention to weather forecasts on television or radio or websites such as: The day’s maximum and minimum temperature will help you to know what to wear. If it is going to be particularly cold, you may want to avoid going out if it means you may have to spend a long time outside. Remember that if there is a strong wind it may feel much colder than the minimum temperature stated (this is know as “windchill”). Make sure that you know how to get home if you are out late at night, and consider going to bed early (the coldest time is in the early hours of the morning).
  • If the heating in your room can be adjusted, make sure that you know how to change it. Tell the owner of your property (your landlord) if you are too cold – it may be that the central heating can be kept on for longer during cold periods. Ask if you can use a small portable electric fan heater in your room. Some landlords will not allow this because of the cost of the electricity – if so, estimate the cost and offer to pay for this. Always be very careful about safety with portable heaters – keep them clear of other objects and do not leave them on while you are sleeping.
  • Wear layers of clothes. You can take off some of these layers when you go somewhere that is well-heated. The air which is trapped between your layers of clothing will help to keep you warm. Much of your body heat is lost through your head and feet, so wear thick socks and a hat and scarf when it is very cold.
  • Buy a hot water bottle and a cover. You can hold the bottle while you are sitting down in your room, and can use it in your bed at night. If you get a good quality cover (such as the sheepskin cover shown below) you will not feel too hot and the bottle will stay warm for longer.
  • A “throw” sized woollen blanket is useful for keeping warm. Buying a sleeping bag can be useful – you can sleep inside this in your bed, or even sit inside it while you are studying, and you can use it at other times of the year if a friend stays overnight.
  • Eating a warm meal, drinking hot drinks, or taking a bath will make your body feel warmer.

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Is UK tap water safe to drink?

Simple answer is ‘YES’.

Many people just can’t really tell the difference between chilled tap water and chilled¬† bottled water.¬† The DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) recommends us to drink water from the cold tap and not the hot tap. Sometime tap water can appear cloudy. Don’t worry, it’s simply access air which will disappears in few seconds or minutes.

But, why do people buy so much bottled water? Fashion?

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What is Gumtree?

Gumtree is one of the largest and most popular online classifieds community websites in the UK. It’s something like Lelong in Malaysia but it doesn’t accept bidding or auctions – it’s purely an online classified site. The main categories in Gumtree are Housing which include “Flat Share/House Share” and “For Rent” and “Jobs”. Everyday, millions of visitors are sourcing their accommodation on Gumtree and you’ll be surprised to see how fast the good flat/room offers been taken off – sometime it’s just couple of minutes or hours and when you’re about to contact the landlord the offer has gone!

If you fancy mobile phones, computers, video games, clothes, women accessories, etc. again Gumtree is a good site to look for new or 2nd hand stuffs at a bargain price. Just to share with you, few days ago, one of my mate bought a brand new iPhone from Gumtree for 280 and PS3 for 50 quids.

Again, if you’re looking forward to buy something on Gumtree and you’re not sure if you’re paying a good price, please contact me or someone who are in the UK for 2nd opinion.

Good Luck!

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Does anyone need help at Heathrow or Stansted?

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