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Childcare or daycare services

The amount of your budget that will be spent on childcare pretty much depends on a number of factors, including:

• Where you live in London (Zone 1, 2 or outer London)
• What type of childcare you choose
• The age of your baby or child
• Whether your employer offers any subsidised childcare arrangements, bla bla bla….

According to the Daycare Trust, the cost of a nursery place ranges between £126 and £375 per week. The typical cost of a full-time under-two’s nursery place is £152. In some areas – inner London, for example – you may find that it costs a lot more than that! While your baby is under two years old, places tend to be more expensive, because babies require more hands-on care so the nursery must hire more nursery nurses. Many also charge penalties when children are collected late.

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