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Duvet & TOG

Most duvets you can buy in the UK usually come in ‘tog’ ratings – from as low as 4 to as high as 15.

A lightweight summer duvet will usually have a tog rating of around 4-5. A medium warmth duvet will probably have a tog rating of around 9 to 11. A winter duvet is likely to be rated from 12 togs upwards.

For me, I bought the 10.5 and literally can be used whole year all seasons hehehe…

Btw, anyone out there fancy ‘bolster’? I afraid you may need to bring one from Malaysia as you won’t be able to get them anywhere in Britain.


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1 Pound Shop

If you’re looking for cheap or reasonable every day household essential products, etc – the best shop to try out is Poundland.

Poundland is famous for its top brands where shoppers are guaranteed to find over 800 quality brands, offering famous brands such as Colgate, Walkers, Air Wick, Cadburys, Weight Watchers ®, Kodak and much, much more, all at just £1 each.

But too bad, I can’t get my favourite ‘Darlie‘ toothpaste from this store nor in the UK. Anyone out there willing to bring me one from KL? 🙂

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I need to have rice !

No problem!

Rice can be easily found in any supermarket (Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, etc) in the UK and normally sell in a smaller packet of 500g or 1 kilo. If you need a bigger packet e.g. 5kg or 10kg you can get them in China town or some Indian shops.

The price of a kilo of rice ranges from 73p to £2++.

Sainsbury’s Long Grain Rice, Basics 1kg

Sainsbury’s Long Grain Rice 1kg

Sainsbury’s Brown Rice 1kg

Sainsbury’s Basmati Rice 1kg

Note: above prices extracted on the 21 June 2010 and subject to change

What about rice cooker? Do I need to bring one from Malaysia?

Nope, I suggest you do not bring any rice cooker, slow cooker or any electrical appliances from Malaysia. You can get rice cooker in Argos for as low as £9.99 (approx MYR50). If you need to find out more, please check out Argos the largest general-goods retailer in the UK with 750 stores.

Now, can anyone find out how much a kilo of rice sell in Tesco, UK? Please drop me a message or send me a tweet. 🙂

Hints: please visit Tesco UK at

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Does anyone need help at Heathrow or Stansted?

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