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Is UK tap water safe to drink?

Simple answer is ‘YES’.

Many people just can’t really tell the difference between chilled tap water and chilled  bottled water.  The DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) recommends us to drink water from the cold tap and not the hot tap. Sometime tap water can appear cloudy. Don’t worry, it’s simply access air which will disappears in few seconds or minutes.

But, why do people buy so much bottled water? Fashion?


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Free SMS from UK to MAXIS

Sending ‘Text’ from UK to Malaysia network could be expensive. Each international text would cost us 20p (depending on network plan) which is about MYR1.00.

If you’re Maxis subscriber and have family and friends who are on Maxis Network e.g. 012 or 017, you could probably save some $$$ everyday and still be in touch. Please visit, and get yourself registered for free.  WebSMS users will be entitled to 3 free text per day.

Please note: In Malaysia we normally use SMS for text messaging e.g. I will SMS you later. But in the UK, we say “I will text you later”

Hope that’s help!

Question: If you’re in Malaysia and would like to text someone in the UK, what would be the rate for each text?

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What is Oyster?

Yes, you’re right! Oyster means ‘tiram’ in Malay or ‘牡蛎’ in Mandarin. If you ever been to Hong Kong, you probably familiar with ‘Octopus Card‘ or our famous ‘TouchNgo‘ card in Malaysia.

So, what is an Oyster card? An Oyster card is a re-usable smart card which is issued by Transport for London (TfL). Literally, it can store up to £90 as “pay as you go” credit and/or up to three Travelcard or London Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

Pay as you go – can be used on the bus, tram,tube and train.

Obviously, is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys than buying cash fare at the ticket office or machine. Furthermore you could avoid long queue during rush hours. When you get on to the bus, you have to touch your Oystercard on the Oystercard reader (near the driver). You will hear a ‘beep’ noise and it means that your card has been authorised and £1.20 will be deducted from your pay as you go balance.

Please note: if you do not have Oyster card, you have to buy the cash fair at the machine near
the bus stop or from the driver. Standard rate for single bus journey is £2.

Oyster automatically works out the cheapest fare for all your journeys so you’ll never pay more than the price of a Day Travelcard. Find out more about Daily price capping here.

1) Pay as you go – Adult Fare

Cash Single

Oyster pay as you go

Bus and Tram Passes

Pay as you go

Daily Price Cap

7 Day









2) Pay as you go – 18+ Student Fare

Cash Single

Oyster pay as you go

Bus and Tram Passes

Pay as you go

Daily Price Cap

7 Day









Good things about ‘pay as you go’ is you do not need to plan your journey or buy a specific ticket in advance. It’s just like ‘TouchNgo’ card in Malaysia.


It is more expensive than bus pass but it allow us to use Bus, Tube, Tramlink, DLR and National Rail in the zones specified. Travelcard comes with few types depending on how many zones we need to travel. For example, if you buy Travelcard for Zone 1 & 2; you can only travel with Tube, DLR and National Rail within zone 1 & 2. What about bus and Tramlink? Yes, as long as you have Travelcard, you’re allowed to use bus and tram across the whole of London.

Click HERE to view Fares table directly from TfL

Please note:
Travelcards are only available for travel within zones 1-9 of the London Fare Zones area) -click HERE to download the London Connections Map for details of the London Fare Zones.

For more information, please download FREE Oyster Leaflet HERE. If you’re confused, you’re supposed to be…trust me you’re not the only one! Feel free to drop me a message or tweet.

Question: Why Oyster name was chosen as a brand for the card? 🙂

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Journey Planner

Transport for London (Tfl) is the only website that offers information for door-to-door travel for public transport around London. I personally find the site very useful and I almost use it all the time to find out:  –

1) bus, tube and train schedule

2) how to go to a new place with just a postcode

3) any disruption to my journey eg plan engineering work on the tube/train, road closure, etc

4) how to connect from bus to tube to overground and train

5) how to arrive destination address by clicking on the map when we get off the bus or train

6) compare public transport options to safe $$$ if i’m not in the hurry


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Does anyone need help at Heathrow or Stansted?

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