Hello Brother and Sister!

Welcome to Dai Gor Gor’s Weblog. Dai Gor Gor is a Malaysian student currently studying an MSc here in London. When he arrived into UK, he had a huge culture shock and found himself struggling hard to adapt and survive in this vibrant city. Along the way, he managed to pick up some survival skills like where to get cheaper accomodation, foods, travelling, jobs, bla bla bla.. Dai Gor Gor fully understood problems or challenges faced by Malaysian in the UK.

Therefore, Dai Gor Gor aims to take over the big brother jobs to:
1) help and care his brother and sister who going to be in the UK for the very first time
2) promote unity amongst all Malaysians or Asians in the UK
3) bring home a little closer to all of you

Please bookmark Dai Gor Gor site or add him to your Facebook and Twitter friend list. If you need any advice or help, rest assure Dai Gor Gor will be there 24×7 to assist you. Feel free to drop him a message or email him at uksurvival@gmail.com



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